Three principles

3 principles

The Three Principles are not a technique or procedure you can learn, it is more of an understanding of how Thought, Mind & Consciousness work.

If you understand that thought is neutral, neither good nor bad, it is how we attach feelings to the thought which could be either good or bad.

This helps us to recognize that thought is only thought, If we attach feelings from memory to these thoughts we determine whether the thoughts are helpful or unhelpful to us.

Thought constantly flows through us and sometimes these are inspiring thoughts and insights and sometimes they are limiting thoughts.

  • Positive thoughts move us forward, help us to feel happiness, joy and gratitude.
  • Negative thoughts can hold us back, cause doubt, anxiety and unhelpful states.
  • Consciousness or awareness of thought makes it seem real.

Whatever we feel is constructed through our conscious recognition of our thoughts. Consciousness makes our thinking seem real.

When we can recognize our thinking is a ‘construction’ and not an instruction this empowers us to respond to our most helpful thoughts to create our lives more as we choose rather than as a response to our random thoughts.

This also brings about clarity to our thinking, because we are then able to recognize that negative thoughts are just thoughts that do not need to be acted on, brought to real life to sabotage our efforts.

The three principles (3 p’s) have always existed, they are innate to us all as humans as a natural intelligence that many of us have lost touch with as our thinking become contaminated by others in our lives such as our history, parents, peers, teachers and employers etc.

In understanding there is nothing wrong with us, nothing to fix we can accept that we are living in well being and mental health.

If we believe we are damaged, broken, experiencing poor mental health, then we create our being around that.

  • In other words we become what we ‘believe’ we are!.

The 3p’s are part of the universal intelligence that cannot be conceptualized in form, an understanding of the 3p’s is gained through insights and stories from others who have recognized and experienced this universal truth.

The nearest we can get to describing it is to use metaphors to get close to creating the form we can relate to through our human experience and understanding.

The ‘active’ ingredient of the 3p’s is ‘being’ not ‘knowing’ and listening to your own wisdom which some people refer to as ‘instinct’. When we clear space in our heads insights and wisdom come to us naturally.

The 3p’s are a simple yet powerful natural change agent and as people become ‘enlightened’ and ‘re-connected’ to the wisdom and universal spiritualism that is a ‘natural’ part of us they begin to live in wisdom, love, happiness, gratitude and fulfillment.

For further reading and insight visit the Three Principles website or read books such as


enlightened gardenerelisa


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