The Drama we create

hypnotherapy-mindMuch of the drama we create for ourselves is in our own heads. For instance when you are stuck in a traffic jam do you say to yourself this won’t take long we’ll soon be moving along. Good on you if you do but I’m inclined to say, ‘oh great I’m going to be late now’. ‘I could be stuck here for hours.’ As I drive nearer to the source of the jam I can see the road is narrowing from three to two lanes and I start to feel hopeful. Then someone creeps past me on the closing lane until they can go no further and then assume they can just cut in when the rest of us have had to queue. I then call the driver a selfish idiot (or worse) and assume he must be the most self centred person on the planet and off I go on one. If only no-one let him in I could when I got close enough tell him just what I thought of him. There you have it I have played out the whole drama in my head. How do I know he is the most selfish man in the world? He could be trying to get to a hospital to a very sick relative, or his wife could be on the labour ward about to give birth, or he may just have one of those bosses who has no tolerance to him being late. Who knows? Many of us do this a lot, we make up drama in our heads, build the story, take a negative stance, and wind ourselves up. What I am learning to do is not dramatize everything that happens to me or around me. This is not always easy but I’m getting better at it. If we use the traffic jam scenario I tell myself I am being slowed for a good reason, perhaps it is to prevent an accident, I turn the radio up, sing along (badly) and keep myself calm, patient and stress free. I am still in the same situation but my experience of it is so much better.


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