Life Coaching and NLP


NLP Coaching  

NLP coaching not only helps you to make immediate changes but brings about a continuous improvement in life.

There is a myth that change takes a long time but coaching and NLP combined with an understanding of the ‘three principles’ creates instant and lasting positive change.

As your coach I can help you see beyond what you are today to what you can become tomorrow.

I will give you a regular injection of passion, enthusiasm, new perspective and powerful ways to move you towards your dreams.

Coaching helps you gain clarity which creates a force and energy to get you off the fence so you can produce the results you want for your life.

So no more waiting for others or for fate to predict how your life will be, I will help you to get back into the driving seat to get the life you so deserve.

Change should be fun, exciting and enjoyable, so there are no pain barriers to squeeze through, but a rewarding and enjoyable journey that will take you far beyond the limits of your current life.

‘We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, and with our thoughts we create our future’ Bhudda.


Do you want more out of your life or work

Would you like help with working on your personal goals to be happier, more productive and have a more fulfilling, meaningful and balanced life?

Creating goals can be a useful step in taking action providing the goals you choose are not about meeting other people’s expectations but are your own true desires!.

Corporate & Business Success

For businesses that want to create unity, passion, forward thinking and highly motivated teams, corporate coaching has been shown to improve morale, productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty and creativity.

I can help focus your staff to also want the best for the company and not just seeing their place of work as ‘just a job.’

It is not only about team building but building up the enthusiasm resilience, creativity and energy of each and every individual. Evidence shows that as creativity, passion, resilience and energy improves so does business success.

People spend a lot of time at work so it makes sense for them to enjoy and feel part of something special, to understand how their effort makes a contribution and a difference to the company’s success.

I can improve the performance of teams and individuals, board directors, project teams and anyone else contributing to the function, productivity and well being of the company.

Getting your staff to feel your passion for your business is just the start for transforming your company’s success. 

To get your company buzzing with excitement, opportunity, passion, fulfilment, and greater profitability ring or e-mail me for an informal discussion.

01375 374484 (office)

07714019041 (mob)



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