Jan_Cheswright_Life_CoachJan Cheswright
Hi and welcome. As a hypnotherapist and life coach my work is based on the three principles of  Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  This is really about how thought works and how this helps shape us. Once we understand how our thoughts and beliefs affect how we live our lives and how gaining a new understanding and new beliefs can totally transform our lives and how simply this happens, we can find peace, calm, happiness and joy.

The three principles are not based on any religion, it is about the psychology of ‘thought’ and an understanding of how we are what we think we are, and how our thoughts create our future for better or worse. The good news is even the longest held beliefs and patterns can be changed. Fear, anxiety, depression, low self esteem are all created from our thinking. Thoughts are not real, they are just thoughts. Whether we believe those thoughts or not determines their impact on us.

We all have an inner wisdom and when you re-connect to your inner wisdom you will bring about an understanding and clarity to see the world very differently as a place of opportunity to recognize and live your dream life.

The 3ps are not specific to one area of your life or a single problem but enhances everything about you and those around you.

  • So do your thoughts serve you well?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Is the past stopping you from moving forward?
  • Is the future uncertain or daunting?
  • Does your life or job feel dull and unfulfilled?
  • Is that magic missing from your relationships?

I can help you move forward into a life more satisfying, happier and joyous. Still your life only better!

If you want significantly improve your life, arrange a free no obligation 30 minute consultation.


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