Can you do it?

confidenceWhat can you do? I’m betting you can lots and lots of things. How is it you can do some things so easily, yet for other things it feels difficult or impossible? My belief is it is limited thinking that stops us reaching for something we don’t believe we can have or feel deserving of. Why do we deserve some things and yet feel we don’t deserve other things? Who makes this judgement? who decides what we can and can’t have. It is us! We ourselves set our limits of what we think we are capable of. This is a good thing because that means ultimately we have some control. When we get out of our own way, we are capable of so much more. We can do, have, be the things we want in our lives when we decide our limiting beliefs are false and unhelpful.

I accept I cannot just jump in the cockpit of a plane and fly up high into the sky, but I do know that if this is something I really wish to do, then I have the capacity to learn how to do it. I could take flying lessons. If I wanted to swim the channel, then I could train really hard until I am able to do so. I also admit that from time to time I believe my limiting thoughts, especially when it seems things happen to support these limiting beliefs. The reality is though, no thought is real until we make it so. If a limiting thought like ‘I’m failing at this’ pops into my head (as the evidence around me seems to support this thought), then this becomes my belief and likely as not I’ll give up, get frustrated and wear the badge of failure, which then becomes my reality, a self-fulfilling prophecy if you like. Yes this happens sometimes and I have to then look at things from a different perspective and not accept my negative thoughts as true.

What I find most helpful is sharing my thoughts with those wise people around me, who will hold up a mirror and show me how my thinking either good or bad creates my reality. When I am stuck in unhelpful thinking I can’t always see the wood for the trees and so get fixed in to my thoughts which limit me, hold me back or derail me, which in turn can damage my confidence or self-esteem.  This is what being human is sometimes, but often turning to our friends, family, a coach or therapist can hold up that mirror so we can start to see past our limited thinking into all the things that are possible for us.

If you are having trouble getting out of your own way, find the people around you who will help you the most, or I can help you to turn things around. The important thing is to take some sort of action to get past any limitations on your hopes and dreams, so these become your reality.

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