What am I here to do?

541314_442310279148274_1734058679_nI still do not know this answer to this! Do you know what you are here to do? I thought I was here to nurse the sick so I trained and became a nurse. I did enjoy my nursing days but something was pulling me away. I helped my Dad by managing a shop he had bought and again quite enjoyed this but we were hit by recession and profits dropped to an unsustainable level. I went back to nursing but this time in the private sector where I worked with women with chronic illness and I really did love working there. Again I felt a pull away and this time to do agency nursing, get married and have my children. Whilst they were young I was a practice nurse for a short while and then went to work in Public Health. Here I stayed for 19 years and although I enjoyed this, was promoted and earning quite well, this time I ignored the pull, or the itchy feet as I called it then, as I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. Then a remarkable set of events happened where I found myself in severe conflict with my manager and other senior managers and eventually was made redundant. So much for ignoring the ‘pull’ and although I won’t go into detail, to say this was a difficult time was an understatement. Close to breaking point I needed to do something else and the pull was towards coaching and then hypnotherapy. As a business owner, I recognise I am not a natural. I can coach and I can use hypnotherapy to help others with outstanding results, but as a business women I am not so great. So have I now found my true calling? I’m not so sure and ponder on the possibility that all the things I have done and continue to do are leading me somewhere else. Maybe I am fickle or have a low boredom threshold, or maybe I am on a journey to pick up and learn more about how to help others. Maybe I am one of those people who are not meant to stay in one niche. I do know that I don’t know and although at times this can make me feel insecure it also holds so much intrigue and promise for the future. Not playing safe and not standing still certainly takes me out of my comfort zone but I’d like to think it is all about the journey and not the destiny. I am learning to trust ‘the unknown’ because on some level I know I will be safe and despite any turbulence around me, most of the time I feel grounded and purposeful, but mostly I have a deeper peace and happiness which is not affected by any uncertainty.

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2 Responses to What am I here to do?

  1. irenebrankin14 says:

    I always find your blogs interesting and here is another one as you share about you and your joys and dilemmas – keep up trusting the unknown xx

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