My friend Jaz

10885057_10152870818157088_8971959155496302175_nJaz is  a three year old rescue dog from The Dog’s Trust in Wickford. I had wanted a dog for a long time but I was working full time and there would be no-one home for most of the day. When my circumstances changed I took the decision to finally get a dog. I went to visit the Trust and knew I wanted a Border Collie. My childhood dog Shep was a black and white collie and he was amazing, intelligent, gorgeous and a real bringer of joy.

There was one black and white collie called Finn. He was six years old and handsome. I enquired about him and after much discussion with a member of staff, Finn was deemed not suitable. To say I was disappointed was an understatement but I took their advice and agreed to come back in a few days as I was assured they regularly have many Collies coming over from Ireland.

Long story short, I looked around and initially overlooked Jaz. I started to actually read the descriptions on each dog and saw that Jaz was a collie (not black and white but what is called Blue Merl). She was running in and out and as I stood there waiting for her to come back in I saw her gorgeous face and somehow knew she was the one!

As I have cats, she was brought for a visit and the good girls she is, she completely ignored the cats. The cats however, were not so impressed. After a few visits to get to know her a bit better we brought her home.

Now they say you get the dog you need rather than the one you want. Well I hit the jackpot, she was both. It didn’t take long for the cats to ‘get over her presence’ and soon they were all quite friendly with each other.

Jaz did not fare well whilst at the Trust and lost so much weight you could feel every bone in her spine. Although they love and care for all the dogs some of them can’t hack being there and Jaz clearly couldn’t cope. So it was good to get her home. Unfortunately Jaz had a bad case of Kennel cough, so we had to take her back to see their vet and although she behaved impeccably the look in her face and particularly her eyes, nearly broke my heart as she must have thought we were taking her back for good. I couldn’t get her away from their quick enough just to show her we were never going to leave her.

My husband was not keen to get a dog, but knew how much I wanted one, so agreed to us having one. Now my husband adores her and she adores him, they are always cuddling up on the sofa and he lets her lick his hands and face as much as she wants to whereas I don’t like being licked.

She sleeps on her own bed in our bedroom but often gets invited by my eldest daughter to sleep on her bed in her room. Jaz shows us how devoted to us she is and we do the same to her.

She loves playing with a ball and will if we let her keep it up for hours. I take her out for at least an hour and half each day and one of her favourite games is heading a football and dribbling it back to me. So if you ever see a mad woman playing football, keepy uppy, and goalie, that will be me with my friend Jaz.


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