Everyone Is a Teacher

11165294_1080714145278435_8796126560722888572_nDuring our life time we meet many, many people. Some people will be in passing, some will be for a while and some will be for a life time. Who ever you meet will teach you something not only about them but about yourself too. We will get an instant connection to some and others we may not. Some we will like and some people we will not. Yet each person we meet either directly or indirectly gives us some sort of feedback about ourselves. Some may try to exploit our weaknesses whilst others will boost us up and make us feel interesting, important and worthy of their time and attention. Even those who give us an awful time give us lessons about ourselves like how far we can be pushed, how much self worth we have etc. However, no matter what they teach us we must never rely on others to make us feel good about ourselves or for that matter to feel bad either. Other people’s opinions are just that an opinion. This gives you an indication of how they view or understand you and how you are coming across to them, but not necessarily how you truly are. If you have come across as something different from how you really are it gives you the opportunity to either take action or not depending on how you feel about the person and whether you wish to keep a relationship with them. The thing is to be grateful for all the people who come and go in your life and for all the insights you get from meeting and knowing them.

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1 Response to Everyone Is a Teacher

  1. I am not able to read all your blogs or leave a comment after each one but I really enjoy reading them and they have definitely reinforced positive thinking.Thanks Jan and keep it up

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