Your Intuition is Your Truth

11175019_1130584056967658_3687857722197921865_nYour intuition or your internal wisdom is a natural part of your human make up. In other words it is a natural attribute which keeps us alive. Trusting your own intuition is vital because it is there to guide you, nurture you and keep you safe and well. Ignoring our intuition can get us into all sorts of scrapes we could have avoided had we listened to what our intuition was telling us. It tells us what is good for us, what to avoid including people, unsafe environments, unhelpful or risky behaviours. It also alerts us to good things like when to seize an opportunity, when to let go and enjoy ourselves, when to step up and grab what we really want, and when to change tack. It is different from just hearing your negative or positive thinking as they are just thoughts. With intuition you kind of know it’s real and if you are unsure you will keep getting a recurring thought or feeling. If you keep having to supress that constant voice then you are most likely ignoring your intuition. So if someone keeps telling you to do something you are unsure of, listen to your own intuition. It could be a good idea or bad idea or something that just isn’t right at this moment in time. Your intuition if you listen will guide you to making the best decision regardless of what others think or the pressure they put on you to do what your instinct clearly tells you not to. The good thing about your innate wisdom is it will not only keep you safe but will guide you towards the best life possible. Now isn’t that worth you paying more attention to your intuition?

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