After the storm

11169875_870599009653312_6305498488493976318_nGiven some of the posts on Facebook many are disappointed by the election results. The Government is in power because they ran a campaign based on FEAR. Fear of a Labour/SNP partnership sent many voters to the poll to stop this happening. This is what happens when we listen to the fears of others. Most wars have been created by fear. Fear also enslaves each and everyone of us unless we choose to see things differently. If you are determined to run your own life and do what feels right for you, no government or politician can stand in your way. They only have as much power as we consciously or unconsciously give them. We are responsible for ourselves, we have our own power and we must remember this as we keep going forward to getting our lives as we want them to be. Let any disappointment be your call to action, let go of your fear of what could be on the horizon and take back your power. I believe this Government is in for a very rocky ride and will struggle with their own fears and trials. They have Scotland to try to keep as part of the United Kingdom and a ‘people’ who are waking up to the lies and deceit. I’m rather impressed that Scotland stood firm together, united in making things fairer for Scottish people, despite this losing Labour the election. It gives me the hope that individually and collectively we can and so will make a difference. Meantime we are part of a movement of women who support and help each other to not just survive but thrive. So don’t buy into the fear, keep going and keep doing, because we are making the sort of difference that politicians won’t see until it hits them in the face and ‘what is’ will become ‘what can be’. We will not be passive, we will not accept injustice but we will fight with a peaceful, dignified but powerful movement of beautiful, strong, creative and giving women. It is obvious that politicians and governments keep doing the same things over and over again, so let us be the difference that changes everything forever!

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