Being Cheerful

017There is a big difference between being happy on the inside and being outwardly cheerful. Being cheerful helps to enhance your self esteem, and can make people around you feel happier as well. When we are being cheerful we eliminate or at least suspend feelings of fear, guilt, depression, anxiety or anger. Being cheerful doesn’t mean you have to go around with a permanent inane grin on your face, nor  does it mean you live in a fantasy world where everything is beautiful and perfect.In fact despite my usually cheerful disposition, occasionally someone would say ‘cheer up it may never happen!’ I know when I’m really concentrating or even daydreaming I can look a little stern even though I could be feeling very happy. It is more about your disposition or the ‘vibes’ you give off rather than whether you are grinning from ear to ear all the time (imagine the face ache!). But if you take a cheerful approach to life, problems seem less challenging or able to destabilize your sense of well being. Also just knowing that your cheerfulness has not only affected you but also people around you, those you love and even people you don’t know makes sharing your cheerfulness worth doing. When you think about it, who are you most drawn to, someone with a face like thunder or someone who looks happy?

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