Magic is only magic until it becomes real

1466150_619729528083566_885898870_nA wise man once said ‘Magic is the opposite of life! With magic, when you know how it works, the magic goes away. With life, when you know how it works the magic begins.’

Our whole world as we know it is the product of the mind of ‘man.’ In the 17th & 18th Century, had someone stood before a crowd and declared ‘one day man will be flying giant metal birds in the sky, they would have been considered insane. Yet aeroplanes, cars, nuts & bolts, glass, electric lighting etc etc, has all been ‘thought of’ and ‘created’ by man. What we create is a direct result of what we think is possible. We think, then create images of what could be brought into being.

If it hasn’t yet been created it is either because no one has yet thought of it, or if it has been thought of it has just remained a thought and not as yet created.

The power behind something magical or miraculous is in the minds of all of us and the secret to it being manifested is in how we channel it, direct it and use it. The difficulty many of us have is in yet overcoming our limited understanding or belief of what is possible.

So if we accept that science doesn’t defy reality, but that reality defies science, then we are opening our amazing powerful minds into recognizing that nothing is impossible, we just haven’t thought about it and brought it to life yet!


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