A lovely place to visit.

DSC07903-B2So what sort of things bring you joy? I bet you could identify a whole host of things if you really thought about it. Often that in itself is the problem, we do not give ourselves time to focus on what makes us notice and feel the things that bring us the most joy. Many of us are far too focused on problem solving and battling our way through life to really appreciate and drink in our joy. For those of us that meditate or spend time quietly contemplating, are we focusing on all the great things going on or hoping a solution to a problem will pop into our minds to solve yet another issue we’ve been trying to overcome. I remember last summer, waking up quite early, getting myself a cup of tea and sitting out in the garden. As I sat quietly I noticed the birds singing, one of our cats playing and trying to catch a fly and as I sat there feeling the warmth of the sun I noticed how blue the sky was and how green the grass was. I thought about my family all sleeping soundly, safe inside and I had an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy. I began to think about all the things that were great in my life and wallowed in this lovely feeling that joy brings.  For a while life felt calm and uncomplicated. I realized it is often the simplest of things that are always there like a soundtrack playing in the background that often brings us the most pleasure. Only trouble is we get so caught up in other things that we can barely notice the beautiful music in the background. Every now and then I do take the time to tune in and sit back and enjoy all the beauty, joy, fun and happiness in and around me and it really is a lovely place to visit.

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