How to feel good

1472748_533642746755869_372639762_nHow to Feel Good

Women of a certain age often live with the nagging feeling that their mind and body is deteriorating. Most of us choose not to dwell on these feelings for obvious reasons. Although we are vaguely aware we spend a lot of time in denial or downright lying to ourselves. Of course ageing is inevitable and unavoidable and it should be viewed as a privilege because we all know the alternative.  So shall we stay in denial or take positive action to remain relatively fit, mentally alert and happy? If you are not happy at the moment do you suppose now would be a good time to do something about it? Obviously the longer we are alive on this earth the more we will experience joy, pain and sadness it is all part of normal life.

How can you get back your energy and motivation? Feeling tired and listless is not necessarily a normal part of ageing. There are lots of ways to improve energy levels. A friend of mine the other day was trying to persuade me to get a treadmill. She said she has been getting up and hour or so earlier than usual and getting on her running machine. She said that after an hour and half of running she went to work in such euphoria that her colleagues thought she must have taken ‘something’.

Now I can’t promise to get a treadmill and run for an hour and a half each morning (just the thought makes me want to faint) but I understand the logic of what she is saying. The more active you are, the more energised and happy you feel. I have to say I have never experienced a ‘joggers high’ but I do feel very good after the gym and Zumba – especially the next day. I did also get a dog and she is a very active girl, so we are out most afternoons for at least an hour and a half and she likes to play football, so my keepy uppy skills are improving.

Physical activity is only one side of the coin. There are many other ways to feel good about yourself these include:

  • Don’t lie to yourself about what is happening in your life. Face up to what is making you tired, unmotivated or unhappy and look at ways to improve things.
  • If you feel bored, lonely or isolated go to a dance club, exercise class, walking group or do a course on something you’ve always wanted to learn about or go to places where other women will attend on their own.
  • Don’t take on other people’s opinions or judgement of you because often criticism from another person is their way of deflecting away from their own issues.
  • Keep your mind active by deciding to learn at least one new fact each day, read widely, talk face to face or on line to people who stimulate or inspire you.
  • Plan for the future and do not dwell on the past as you cannot have any effect on what has happened only on what can happen in the future.

If you want more from your life and need someone to keep you motivated find a friend who feels similarly or try coaching or mentoring to get that added support and encouragement.



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  1. This is so important Jan, thank you. I love the thought of you practising your keepy uppies!

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