Are you happy being you?

1909172_10152284600120948_1875051220_o (2)Each of us is completely unique and there is no-one else who is remotely the same as us. We are all individual, all perfectly imperfect in our humanness. Yet many people are not happy with who they are. They often compare themselves to others who they see as prettier, thinner, curvier, richer, stronger or more successful than themselves and thus feel they fall short in some way. When we judge someone by the superficial cues we get, we have no way of knowing what that person has been through or is enduring right now. We can’t see what their insecurities are and how these may blight their lives. It is never a good idea to compare ourselves or our level of ‘success’ with others.  It is great to be inspired by someone or to learn skills and knowledge from others but not so we can compare ourselves.

Many years ago, when I was about 10 years old, there was a very beautiful woman who lived in a flat with her husband and two young girls. I remember every time I saw her thinking just how beautiful she was. However, for some reason she had a reputation of being a bit of a ‘tart.’ The woman was an aunt to one of my best friends and one day I was invited into her flat, which was stunning, she really had created a beautiful home. She was very kind to me, offering me a drink and a slice of cake (didn’t take much to win me over, especially with cake ha! ha!). I remember feeling a bit sad when we had to leave as I loved being with her in her gorgeous home. Anyway a few weeks later my mum was invited to a Tupperware Party and I went with her and this woman was there. I noticed none of the other women were really talking to her but I had said hello. My mum then said hello to her too. As the ‘party’ came to an end the rep then asked if anyone else would hold a party. No-one volunteered so the rep started to ask women individually and they all came up with one excuse or another. When she turned to the above woman, she smiled and said, ‘no because nobody likes me, no-one ever wants to talk to me, and some even call me names under their breath.’ I don’t know why this is happening, and I don’t know how to deal with it and I don’t like leaving my home any more because I feel so bad when people sneer at me or call me names. I felt so very sad for this beautiful woman, who was happily married, with two beautiful young children. My mum said it is probably because others are jealous of her because she is so beautiful.

So some people who seemingly have it all, may be suffering in some way. even though on the surface they seem to have things that others envy. The best way to be happy is to be grateful for what you have, be proud of what you have achieved, learn from past mistakes, let go of any anger or resentment you have towards others and stop comparing yourself to other people.

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