Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

11150262_913030295405700_3456453353619302611_nWe tend to be creatures of habit. We like things to be familiar. We get to feel safe knowing what is and how things are, and strive to make new things feel familiar as quickly as possible. I’m sure we’ve all said ‘it will be alright once I get used to it.’ I stuck to the same career for nearly 20 years, even though I was increasingly getting what I call ‘itchy feet,’ because I was in my comfort zone and didn’t feel courageous enough to walk away and start something new. Long story short I did eventually, but only because I was made redundant.

We tend to stick with things that are familiar and even if they don’t function anymore, we stick with it, and instead of doing something different we do the same things even harder in the hope we will get a better result. Yet most of us know if we keep doing the same things we will keep getting the same results.

So how do we change things and step out of our ‘comfort zones?’ Well change tends to happen when:

  • We become so fed up or uncomfortable with the problem we decide we need to change it.
  • We start to see the problem from a different perspective and in doing so see a different way of doing or changing things.
  • The new way of doing or stopping doing something becomes too appealing to ignore.

Sometimes it is useful to talk to someone else, or see a professional such as a coach or mentor who can take you through the process of helping you to see your options and alternatives much more quickly. Once we see we have options to make a different choice, we then begin to see how to make the change happen.

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1 Response to Are you trapped in your comfort zone?

  1. Kim Bailey says:

    Isn’t it great as human beings we get to change our minds and just like when you need a new pair of Pj’s that have seen better days but you wear them and then one day you recognise they are no longer comfortable and you pick a new pair and then when you get ready for bed…you feel the soft material on your skin and the snug fit an you feel comfort all over again…sometimes we realise that actually the old comfortable Pj’s were not serving us and look how fine the new Pj’s feel lol great blog Jan

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