when you stop focussing on problems they often melt away.

1454745_912693122121185_8187347734228710746_nWhether you actually talk a lot about your problems or just think about them a lot, the outcome is the same, you are living in the problem and keeping it alive. If you dwell on the problem too much and for too long, you give the problem a life of its own. It becomes almost impossible to get the problem into perspective as it feels huge and consuming. Most of us have spent hours dwelling on some issue, then gone off and met friends or attended an event and for a short time the problem is forgotten and goes away for a while. Then we turn our attention back to the problem and here we go again, back to being preoccupied and consumed by the issue. Often though when we refuse to dwell on a problem it solves itself or becomes a much lesser issue. When we take our focus off the issue it gives us a chance to take a different perspective, find a solution or accept what we can’t change without it being so impactful. If we focus on the weight of a problem instead of the solution or allow the issue to resolve itself we waste so much of our precious time here in angst instead of peace and joy. So next time you find yourself focusing too much on a problem, distract yourself and refuse to overthink it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well you deal with it, it resolves itself or how quickly you can let it go.

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