We are and we do what we think!

1484178_634968083226377_339454503_nHow we behave is a direct result of our thoughts that proceed it. So rather than trying to change our behaviour we should work on changing our thoughts. We typically have both positive and negative thoughts and how we deal with an issue or view a problem depends on whether we are listening to our negative or positive thoughts. So for instance if we have limiting thoughts about what we are able to achieve we are not likely to push beyond those limits. Then on the other hand if we believe we will succeed, usually we do.¬†Positive thoughts bring about a desire to do something with confidence, optimism and a can do belief. A good place to start with improving your thinking is to change our self talk from no I can’t so I won’t to yes I can, therefore I will. Don’t focus on the what if’s but say things like when I have……It is really useful to remind yourself that your thoughts are only thoughts going around in your mind and you can choose what thoughts to focus on (like positive, empowering thoughts) rather than on the negative thoughts which when focussed on will be built upon and a negative story or scenario created. If we accept that both positive and negative thinking has power over us, then it makes sense to choose those thoughts which empower and enable us to reach for what we want rather than accept the thoughts that stop us even trying.

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