So what if?

Butterfly_and_FlowerDon’t squander your life on ‘what if’s,’ they will take up way too much of your valuable time. What if’s are usually a direct result of wishing and wanting something without taking any action towards getting them. If you have recurrent ‘what if’s’ then maybe it is time to take some steps towards what it is you regret not having or doing. Some what if’s were never meant to be, so don’t ponder on them, just let that thought or idea go. What if’s often lead to feelings of guilt, regret, or lost opportunity. The guilt is associated with sitting idly by while events unfold around you without you having taken any action, so you stay exactly where you are. Rather than looking back with regret use the lesson you have learned to take action when something moves you, gets you excited or intrigues you, rather than doing nothing and adding to your ‘what if’s’ list.

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