Let the glamping begin!

021Horay! the summer is coming and I cannot wait for the ‘glamping’ season to begin. We haven’t decided where to go for our week long glamp but I’m thinking Wales might be in the running as friends of ours highly recommend it. Why do I love camping? I find it completely restorative. Whether for a week or a weekend I completely let go of any work and responsibilities connected to being home. We tend to find quiet camp sites, which we use mainly as a base whilst we explore and visit places around us. We go to bed quite early and get up early and because of the length of the days during summer it feels like you have all the time in the world to do what you want before it gets dark. Having barbecues or dining out means not slaving away in the kitchen and chilling outside under the stars is truly magical. Other campers stop for a chat and if someone is struggling to set up or fold something big or just struggling with something, someone will always offer help. One of my faux pars was going into the shower block, enjoying a long, hot and luxurious shower only to find I’d forgotten my towel and had to dry myself with my pyjamas. On another occasion we were rudely awoken by a herd of sheep who thought it would be funny to come and explore the campsite. My daughter felt quite traumatized when she stepped out of our camper and came face to face with a middle aged gentleman sporting a very, very small and tight pair of speedos. Her face was a picture, I’m sure she still has flashbacks! On another occasion a beautiful collie dog came into our awning, climbed onto my daughter and partners bed and snuggled down for a good nights sleep. Fortunately her owner was soon located and the dog returned.  On one campsite in Kent as we settled down for the night suddenly all the frogs from a nearby pond decided to have a sing off, not quite Paul MaCartney’s  Frog Song I might add. I suppose that’s the thing with camping you are a part of the nature around you and the birdsong first light is amazing. So I cannot wait for the ‘glamping’ to begin, not long now!

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1 Response to Let the glamping begin!

  1. Love this – and very entertaining! I have done a lot of camping but not the glamorous kind. I agree that it is incredibly restorative and look forward to being able to do it again – perhaps I need to move on to glamping!

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