Those pesky beliefs

7003_702071943167840_665212254_nYour beliefs can either trap you or set you free. Whatever you believe will determine what you decide to do. If you want change you have to believe that it can and will happen.

It is important to believe in your ability to create the life you want and in your ability to change.

Too often we get in our own way by believing our limiting thoughts rather than recognizing our amazing ability to change, adapt or pursue what we really want. We also spend an awful lot of time pursuing things we already have like being happy, healthy and safe and will spend inordinate amounts of money on pursuing ‘getting healthier’ ‘getting happier’ and getting ‘safer’. There are many industries thriving from our desire to acquire what we actually already have.

We are also given many limitations from others because we believe what we are told. When I was a child I was often told I was ‘stupid’ and consequently saw no real need to try too hard at school. If I found something too challenging I would just accept that I was too stupid to understand or figure it out. One day in my early thirties with two children 5 years and under I decided as well as working part-time I was going to take on a degree. I seriously doubted my abilities but something told me to keep going and so I did and not only did I get that degree but I went on to do a Masters too. I had finally overcome this particular limiting belief.

So don’t hold onto other people’s point of view or beliefs about your capabilities. In any case how would they know? They are making assumptions based on their own beliefs not yours. Trust yourself that even if you are not a ‘natural’ at something, you have the capacity to learn, embrace and take on new ideas and challenges that will improve your self belief and strengthen your muscle to overcome challenges and release those pesky self limiting beliefs.

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