It’s a Dog’s Life

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? A slight deviation for tonight. I thought I would share something that happened today. Me and my dog Jaz met my Mum and Dad and their two dogs Rosy and Poppy at one of our favourite parks this afternoon. After exercising the dogs for an hour or so we decided on a cup of tea from the café and whilst we sat there soaking up the sun and the dogs were having a rest, we got talking to and elderly gentleman and his wife. I have noticed since getting Jaz, that complete strangers will talk to you about your dog and I had many great conversations with strangers as a result. Today was more special as the gentleman told us about his long time friend Tom. Sadly Tom died in January. This gentleman and Tom had been friends ever since Tom saved his life during the second world war. Tom’s family asked him to read ‘The Soldiers Prayer’ at the funeral, which he felt privileged to do. This gentleman and his wife took their places in the pews at about the third row from the front. On the end of the second row was a black Labrador, which laid perfectly still throughout the service. Whilst this gentleman read the ‘soldiers Pray’ he said he was overcome with grief but managed to finish but had tears streaming down his face. He sat back down next to his wife and to his amazement the dog got up and came and laid his head on his knee as if to comfort him. It turned out it was Tom’s dog and he sought to give and receive some comfort from their shared loss. I felt very grateful that this lovely man and his wife took the time to talk to us and share such a wonderful story.

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1 Response to It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Kim Bailey says:

    OMG what a beautiful blog..I felt really moved and touched by this story…how animals instinctively know when to comfort us when we need it almost like Tom reached through space & time to soothe his friend and once again we have evidence that connections last even in death…really beautiful Jan

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