017Fabulous You !

Yes I mean you! You are truly fabulous and I am going to take you through this fact so you can see and feel it for yourself.

The real fabulous you is already there within you. Please don’t doubt this because it is absolutely true. Everyone has some fabulous within them it is firmly embedded in their heart, mind and soul. On this journey of self discovery you will uncover or re-connect with the truly fabulous you.


So what makes you so fabulous?

Well everything actually! This is not about trying to make you more fabulous than reality dictates but identifying what is already fabulous about you. Let’s explore this further.

When I say you are truly fabulous do I mean you are perfect. Absolutely not because then I would need to be perfect in order to recognise your perfection and trust me on this I am far from perfect. So what is it that makes you fabulous?

How about your ability to get through the tough times? Surviving the break-up of a relationship, falling out with your bestest ever friend, a failed marraige, illness, losing your job, rowing with your family or other loved ones, getting into debt, the death of someone close. You may have endured any one or several of what I would describe as major life events and guess what you have got through those difficult times. That in itself makes you truly fabulous, but indeed there is more.

What about your loyalty to and forgiveness of others? Your friends, family, partners, husbands, brothers, sisters, colleagues and others in your life. Even when you know they have made mistakes or done something wrong, even when they have hurt you in some way your loyalty to them has remained unshakeable. This makes you truly fabulous.

How about all your acts of kindness and compassion? When you’ve been a shoulder to cry on when others are hurting. When you have chosen a special gift or done something for someone you know will be thrilled and touched by your kindness. When you’ve held the door open for someone, when you’ve given up your seat for someone in greater need than you. When you give your time to someone even though you are really busy or in a hurry to do something else. This also makes you truly fabulous.

The fact that you share your love, hope and happiness, disappointments and sadness with others and appreciate their help and support makes you truly fabulous.

Your ability to learn and master new skills and challenges and put them to good use makes you truly fabulous.

Being good at your job, a good team player and an honest and loyal employee or sacrificing your career ambitions to look after your children or being a carer to someone or starting your own business indeed makes you truly fabulous.

Are you now as convinced as I am that you are truly fabulous? If not you are still listening to your negative self-talk, doubting yourself and failing to give yourself the credit for all you have endured and achieved. So go on pat yourself on the back, acknowledge your inner goddess, because take it from me You are truly fabulous!






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