Meanwhile back at the ranch!

1622015_10152285046993293_1297064475_nBuilding and growing your own business can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. Many of us spend hours and hours pouring our time, energy, heart and soul into it. Sometimes the results from our efforts at best seem ‘lukewarm’ or may appear to be a complete waste of time. Many of us attend networking/business meetings, attend study days, courses, offer workshops, training, launch products which may attract only a few people, and yet still we beaver away in what I call the ‘back office’ planning our next move. When I first started my business, I believed any initiative I implemented would bring about an immediate result. So you can imagine how I often fell into despondency and if I am honest still do very occasionally. To keep me motivated I kept telling myself I was building a strong foundation on which my business  would grow. I do believe this to be true, but I also realize that even though I may not see for myself the positive impact my work has had on someone, it makes perfect sense to me that it has helped others. Sometimes this can be through direct or indirect feedback and sometimes just from knowing how various books, blogs, articles, research and learning materials have helped me without the author or creator ever knowing how much they may have helped me, taught me, reassured me, and  given me hope or motivation. So although ‘in your face’ success is nice and very motivating, knowing that what you put ‘out there’ will help someone, somewhere, in some way makes striving to grow yourself and your business very worthwhile indeed. So keep the faith, trust yourself and keep going!

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2 Responses to Meanwhile back at the ranch!

  1. Lovely encouragement x

  2. Kim Bailey says:

    Great blog just because we don’t always see the results there and then doesn’t mean it’s not happening Yes completely kind of like watching a seed after you’ve planted it….there’s lots happening then all of a sudden our garden is in bloom and we see the results of watering the garden just like a business keep watering, tending & caring never giving up because all of the sudden the universe springs to life and we can finally see the handwork we put in….& what a fabulous garden you’ve created Jan xxx

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