Correcting Poor Subconscious Programming

1484178_634968083226377_339454503_n By the age of five you have already received 50% of your emotional programming and then spend the rest of your life time adding to it. Even in the best of childhoods there will be some ‘faulty programming’ which has gone deep into the subconscious mind. There it sits until an event or situation arises and you will default to this poor subconscious programming. So for some there is a fearful, rebellious, disorganised, chaotic and immature five year old running their lives.

Hypnotherapy seeks to correct or amend this faulty programming. You have a conscious and a subconscious mind, where the conscious mind takes in all the information via our five senses of touch, smell, sound, sight and taste. The subconscious mind then stores or files this information for possible future use. So for example if someone tells you ‘you are very intelligent’ but your subconscious mind has been told you are ‘stupid’ – the conscious mind will argue with it and ultimately chuck it out.

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind to remove the old belief and accept the new belief. Your subconscious mind is much like the data base of a computer. If you type a statement into the computer, then save it, the computer does not argue with you, it just simply saves it, no questions asked. Your subconscious mind works in much the same way. It accepts what you tell it whether or not it is true. This may be why some positive affirmations work well, because the conscious mind has accepted the new information and passed it  to the subconscious mind as a fact. Whereas for some no matter how many times the affirmation is repeated, the conscious mind will argue it away. When during hypnotherapy you bypass the conscious mind, the subconscious mind will more readily accepting of the information as a new fact. The conscious mind acts like the gate keeper to your subconscious mind and constantly passes in new information. This is why for many hypnotherapy works so effectively at removing old and unwanted beliefs and replaces them with more helpful ones.






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2 Responses to Correcting Poor Subconscious Programming

  1. Funny how much I can relate to this, I can be driving down the road and start to cry for no reason then a memory of a long ago time creeps in. Those memories that I really want to stay hidden.

    • Crying is a healthy release. Memories are just that, a memory, we all have them, but acknowledging them and then letting them pass will result in new thoughts coming in. The main thing is not to focus too hard on the thoughts or memories that come in, especially if they are not pleasant. When we focus on something we don’t want we tend to re-live and to some extent build the story. The good bit about the past is just that, it is in the past and not happening now. When you focus on the now, so if for instance you are driving, start to look for red cars, or blue cars, it doesn’t matter what you choose to look for but this will put you back into the here and now and you won’t have to think about painful memories. I hope this helps.xx

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