1625584_10152285257811217_1278637146_nSocial anxiety is estimated to affect 1 in 10 people. Although it affects a person on many different levels and in different ways, it is basically a fear of social situations, of being judged negatively, combined with low self-esteem. It can stop people doing things the majority take for granted. It is however, a learned response and as such can be easily unlearned. They are just feelings arising from our thoughts about the past. People are not born shy, anxious or depressed but pick up these thoughts and beliefs over time. The thoughts are simply a projection which creates a story which to some become facts. They are not because you, yes you, made them up by believing negative thoughts to be true. So let me reassure you, there is nothing wrong with you – you are not broken or damaged, it is just habitual negative thinking. So when these negative, unhelpful thoughts pop up, don’t judge them, fight with them, or try to suppress them. Just leave them alone and they will pass. When you understand the nature of thought, you will gain much more control over your wellbeing. For further insights and understanding of the nature of thought, I can recommend Michael Neill’s book- The Inside Out Revolution.

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3 Responses to Overcoming social anxiety

  1. Kim Bailey says:

    Wonderful blog and totally freeing when we realise we do not have to the our thoughts seriously phew that’s a relief xx

  2. Another great blog Jan,I think this also should be taught at schools 🙂

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