Seeking happiness – Have you found it yet?

1656057_239313809600492_280332499_nLet me start with the bad news – you will not find your happiness anywhere outside of yourself. Sorry but the fabulous car, the dream house, the winning lottery numbers (not even this!) will make you happy. I’m not suggesting you wouldn’t enjoy any of these things – I certainly would! But ultimately they cannot make you happy! Think of all the famous people that seemingly have it all and yet sadly end up taking their own lives. It wasn’t too much money, too much fame, too much of anything that undid them, it was the false belief that once they had all these things they would be happy. Imagine the disappointment of just about buying and acquiring everything you’ve ever dreamt about only to find yourself deeply unhappy. When we are born, we are born happy.  We don’t know fear, unhappiness, anger, grief, greed or any of the horrible things we are yet to be introduced to as we grow and develop. However, that happiness is innate to us all. It never leaves us, like our breathing, heart beat, and other bodily functions that work without us having to control them, it remains within us all the time. Sometimes we feel disconnected to happiness, joy, peace and hope but they are there within us all the time. Our experiences, as we see and think about them can create the illusion that our happiness has left us, but it hasn’t. When you look at a time when you felt happy, you did not have to say to yourself ‘right cue happiness – come to me now’. It would have shown up quite naturally without any effort from you. Happiness is just one thought away, not days, weeks, months,  or years of striving to ‘get something’ that will ultimately bring you happiness, because it is already there!

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