1508983_509587495833534_2421156330163110102_nIt would appear that the education system is beginning to take heed of the fact that young people are being driven to despair by the oppressive pressure placed on them to do well at school. Young people are experiencing so much at once that it is no wonder they end up in overwhelm. Creating space during school hours to create mindfulness and a place of calmness and clarity could make a huge difference to how young people cope with the relentless pressures they face. Of course better still is to re-organise how our education system works, so it serves all young people well. However, until this happens teaching children and young people mindfulness is proving to be helpful and as more and more schools adopt this practice, we may see a reduction in self-harming, depression and suicide among our precious young people. To get an insight into what mindfulness is and how it works, I can recommend reading:

Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

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5 Responses to Mindfulness in schools

  1. Kim Bailey says:

    I would love to see mindfulness in schools Jan it would create such a different energy in schools especially around exam times as the stress experienced by young people is incredible and can be avoided if we thought about it all differently. How many young people fail in exams not because they do not know the answers only because they are so anxious that they cannot think straight because of the feelings they are consumed by bringing more tof the same thoughts and feelings. there are so many things that could help.

    • It is probably worth getting trained up or self-training in mindfulness and offering it to local schools. Apparently those schools that have it are finding great results. There is evidence on line to support the practice in schools.

  2. Katharine Pond says:

    Really Interesting post, my son is an anxious 15 year old and would find mindfulness really beneficial, not sure if schools would sign up financially? If they could see attendance improving they might!

    • Yes Katherine most young people find it very helpful. Might be worth approaching the school of governors for their views and possible support for introducing it into your son’s school. Initial costs could be offset by getting some of their staff trained up to deliver it themselves.

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