Who are you?

DSCN3675 We are often encouraged to soul search, find out who we truly are and be that person right? Well this is pretty near impossible, because we evolve, change, learn, acquire, reset, rethink, adapt and recreate all the time. I am not the same person I was a year ago or indeed even a week ago. Nor are you! Even the cells in our bodies die and regenerate so we are not even physically as we were. You may have an awareness, an essence of who you are at any given moment, but you can never really be you as a set piece. I can attach all sorts of labels to myself such as I’m a wife, mother, dog owner, car driver, business woman, aunt, author etc etc, but I haven’t always been these things. The trouble with labels is sometimes we allow them to keep us stuck in one place. When we realise we are constantly changing we can stop trying to stay as we are and embrace these changes and yes even enjoy our continuous transformations. We then get a sense of freedom and the realization that anything is possible. When we are open to change, we see opportunities we never noticed before because we were too busy trying to stay the person we thought we were or ought to be. Part of being stuck is focussing too much on who we think we are, rather than acknowledging that we are constantly evolving, growing and transforming. Changes will happen no matter how resistant you are or how hard you try to hold yourself still. So time to let go of who you think you are and embrace the unfolding journey of your transformation and development.

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1 Response to Who are you?

  1. Kim Bailey says:

    Love this post Jan it’s true liberation realising we have everything we need within and in any given moment we can see that we really only ever have this moment in time and how we use our ‘thoughts’ as a tool….and our ‘thoughts will change from moment to moment’ and what beautiful thoughts you have shared today Thank You

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