Finding Calm

1855_833363186677812_1065690169_nBeing calm should be how we are most of the time but for some the reality is quite the opposite. Rushing around, working flat out and fitting everything in doesn’t bode well for a calm peaceful life. There are ways though to regain balance in your life and to calm down a busy and torrent mind. For instance just listening to your own breathing and focussing on hearing the in breath and the out breath will help you feel calm. Avoiding stressed out people even for a short period of time and being around calm people will help leave you feeling calm. Also by not allowing the small issues in life to overwhelm you by keeping things in perspective, after all small issues are small issues and do not need to be built into major ones. If you are being tested by others, imagine yourself being really calm, not raising to the bait, not responding with anger or worry but remaining outwardly calm. Not only will this actually start to make you feel calmer but will help those around you to pick up on your calmer vibe and help to make them a bit calmer too. Forgive those who seek to test you because bearing ill feeling towards others will stress you out more than it will them, so let it go and move on. Listening to relaxing music, stroking your cat or dog, getting enough sleep, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, reading and learning new things will all help to make you calmer. Any new positive habits to stay calm that you implement will become a habit if you practice them for at least thirty days. So in around a months time your new positivity and calmness will become your natural way of being. So get started today!

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