hypnotized zombie

1607004_739499872760766_8759679353441783455_n There is still a myth that being hypnotised can turn you into a zombie. I suppose it can if you really wanted to believe you are a zombie. The reality is a hypnotist cannot turn you into anything you don’t want to be. When hypnotised a person does not go into a zombie like state, will not do anything that doesn’t feel right and does not become unconscious of who they are, where they are or what they are doing. Neither can you be ‘put into’ a permanent state of hypnosis. Your own mind will not allow this. Many of my clients are initially worried that they will become zombie like, with no free will and no control over what can happen to them. This is not possible. Most of us have seen staged hypnosis, where a person eats an onion believing it to be an apple. At all times the person has to be willing to accept this belief and be willing to behave accordingly. I once underwent stage hypnosis where when a certain piece of music was played I would start to sweep the stage with an imaginary broom. The only reason I went along with it is because I could not think of a good reason not to. At no time did I believe I couldn’t stop if I wanted too and after doing this a few times I did indeed decide to stop. The hypnotist realised I wasn’t going to cooperate so intervened to make it look like he switched me off. But the reality was I used my own free will. Let me assure you hypnotherapists are not interested in playing games with you for entertainment purposes. The whole point is to use a therapeutic approach to solve issues that someone is struggling to achieve on their own. This is usually due to artificial barriers or beliefs the person has created in their own mind and the job of the hypnotherapist is to help remove these artificial barriers and beliefs which reinforces the ability of the person to make the changes they desire. So false beliefs, barriers, lack of self belief, low self confidence, harmful or undesired habits can all be overcome or removed through hypnosis, provided the person really wants these changes to happen. If for any reason there is a strong belief they wish to continue with the habit or belief, then that change is not likely to happen until the reasons for continuing to do so is revealed and addressed. If someone really wants the change then the change tends to happen quickly, but if there is a positive attachment to habit, belief or behaviour then this needs to be tackled before a positive change can be made. I hope this has dispelled a few of the myths around hypnotherapy. If you wish to try hypnotherapy then go to someone who is trained, has good ethics and really wants to help you succeed and not just take your money. Try to go on recommendation and if this is not possible ask questions until you feel confident the hypnotherapist is keen to serve and help you appropriately. Use your instincts and wisdom and if it feels right go for it, if it doesn’t and you have serious doubts, walk away and find someone else. The most important thing is to feel safe and confident with your chosen hypnotherapist.

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