1520759_793406160673191_1785266228_nSo Spring is almost upon us and new beginnings are developing. Are you excited about how your life is unfolding? I certainly am because the future holds such promise with so much more to do, see and experience. Having let go of the old treadmill – 9 to 5 existence, life has just got better and better. For too many years I believed belonging to the 9 to 5 workforce tribe was how it is and should be. Discovering an alternative way of being has transformed my life. As a self-employed hypnotherapist, life coach, NLP practitioner and Three Principles advocate I get to help other people live a life they deserve and not just settle for. This isn’t necessarily about being self employed it is more to do with being who you really are and to love what you do. I know many people who work for others, totally love it and wouldn’t want to be any where else. On the other hand I have an exhaustive list of clients that are deeply unhappy, discontented and live for the weekends when they can stop being and doing a job they have come to loathe. Clients are always surprised at how easily they can transform their lives. Many cannot see their own potential to transform and be who they are really meant to be, do what they are really meant to do to feel fulfilled and contented. Change is wrongly perceived as difficult, energy draining and too time consuming. Not so. Yes, an effort is required but it is not as taxing or draining as staying committed to doing something you wish you could change. Often it is the first step that is daunting, but once taken, the momentum gathers at pace and new beginnings unfold. Don’t stay stuck as this doesn’t serve you and make for a happy, fulfilled and joyful life. Find some space to consider what excites you and makes you feel a sense of happiness. Don’t look at all the reasons why you can’t do something but at all the reasons why you should. Have faith in yourself, after all you’ve got this far, you can get further. Procastination, resistance and doubt are all part of fear. Fear is there to fool you, not to guide you. Listen to the warrior within you, ready and willing to make the break. If sharing your dreams and ambitions with people around you is difficult then get yourself a coach or mentor. Both of who are there to share your dreams, guide you to take action and support you until you are flying freely, doing and being what makes you happy.

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