Don’t compare yourself or your life to others

397540_694021300655018_244627957_nWhen you compare yourself to others, especially unfavourably, you are telling yourself you are not good enough. You may think that if you were more like someone else, had what they had, you would be happier. What you fail to see is their struggles, their pain, their wishes and hopes for themselves. You are only seeing them at a superficial level. It’s time to big yourself up, acknowledge all that you have accomplished because you are the author and director of your life, not anyone else’s. When you stop looking outside of yourself, stop looking to others for the answers, for direction, you will start to blossom into the fabulous person you truly are. We are all unique and yet too many of us try to cover our individuality by conforming and moulding ourselves to be like those we admire and respect. It will never be a comfortable fit because it is not your authentic self. Trying to live as someone else is difficult, time consuming and draining on your energy. Being your true authentic self is far easier and freeing than you may yet know. When you stand proud of who you are and what you have yet to become, you give permission to others around you who are also struggling to be their authentic self too. I have used a hypnotherapy technique that allows you to meet yourself as a child. You then have to talk to this child, to reassure them and encourage them, because you so want them to be happy. This process often changes everything as you would never tell this child to follow the crowd, hide and shy away from being who they really are……….it changes everything!!!! So stop comparing yourself to others, be yourself, start to live your life as you want that child to, and you are well on your way to peace, joy, happiness and contentment.

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