1606982_549460775174066_6328709749299316355_nLET THEM GO!

How do you know the difference between when you give to others because it feels right or when you are giving for their approval? Does it matter for what reason you are giving as long as you are giving? I think it does matter. If you keep giving to the people who are not worthy of you, you allow less time to be giving and receiving from those who seek to trust, care about you and who love you. Although we don’t necessarily give to receive when we are around people who only take from us, we become depleted. So many of my clients are giving their love, time and energy to the wrong people. People who are not deserving and who seek to control and take advantage of them. They fear losing this person if they stop giving to them all the time. Often my clients come to realise what is happening, but don’t know how to break the cycle. The reality is they need to let go of these people, they are not worthy. Recognising the people who are good in their lives and comparing the takers with them is often enough to start the process of letting go. You were not born to serve those who seek to exploit you. You were born to be happy, joyous, fulfilled, loved and cherished by those around you. Giving love and not being in servitude, and receiving love is what your human experience is all about. It is not about being brave and walking away, but about honouring yourself and what you need to grow, thrive and love your life.

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