Taking Small Steps


Taking small steps with Amity

For some of us taking an almighty leap in changing our circumstances is a step too far. Many of us have been brought up to ‘be responsible’ so jumping over the precipice is not acceptable to what we believe our values are or of those around us. Can you imagine going home and saying, ‘I’ve quit my job, taken out an enormous loan and plan to start my own business’? Of course some have and others will do something like this without worrying too much about any possible consequences. To some this is utter madness, but to others it shows an enormous amount of self belief and confidence. So for those of us who wouldn’t dare do something so dramatic as this, there is another way. Taking small steps. Taking some small action steps is better than taking no steps at all. You don’t always have to take big risky leaps when you want things to change. Small persistent steps can still get you to where you want to be. Just start with something small and persist with your small changes and over time this will become a bigger change. Taking small but persistent steps also allows you the time and space to feel your way through, strengthen your intuition and recognise when you have taken an unhelpful step, allowing you to adjust, adapt or reconsider what your next steps will be.  The point is to take action, move forward at whatever pace you are comfortable with. No movement means you are stuck or procrastinating neither of which are helpful to your long term goals. That is not to say you can’t mindfully take time out to gather yourself for the next course of action you need to take or simply give yourself a break, holiday or time out to do something else. Down time is important or else ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Once the holiday, break ‘other thing’ pick up where you left off and start the movement again and know that each step taken is a step nearer to where you want to be.


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