Personal Development

Personal development is part of our daily growth and part of the reason we are here – to learn what it is to be human.
Personal development is empowering and enlightening, so give yourself a daily dose. Having been caught up in academic learning for many, many years, for professional development, I missed out quite a lot on personal development. Of course I as indeed we all experience passive self development from our everyday experiences and life lessons learned. However, to actively seek personal development takes us in to all sorts of different understandings and experiences, helps to expand our current thinking and understanding of ourselves and others. Rather than quench my thirst for knowledge and enlightenment, the more I learn and experience the more I want to. I read avidly, I attend workshops and study days and meet lots of new people with both similar and different perspectives to my own, which I find both stimulating and enjoyable. The thing with personal development is not knowing where it will lead you to, but it will inevitably lead you somewhere.
“Personal Development and Bathing do not last…..that’s why we need to do both things every day!” ~Zig
Photo: "Personal Development and Bathing do not last.....that's why we need to do both things every day!"  ~Zig
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